Royal Stage

Creative Community in Christ

Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


Changes,'s a good thing! 

As many of you may recall, Royal Stage wasn't initially going to have shows this season - but due to popular demand and how gosh darned happy they make all of us, we are going to go for it. However, many rules have changed and this season is going to be new for everyone, whether you are a founding member or just walking through the door for the first time.  


Everyone is required to attend a "Heart of Royal Stage" meeting prior to auditioning. This will be held Saturday, August 31 at 10am. We will then break for lunch and return for auditions at 1pm until we are done.  

Not everyone will receive a role in our season main stage productions. If, for whatever reason, you aren't selected for a part in Annie or Project 365, don't be discouraged! Keep taking classes and improving your craft! EVERYONE will be cast in Home, our spring performing arts collage. 

Dress Code  

Dress code has always been important in RS, and we plan to further this importance. Those out of dress code will be fined $1 per violation and asked to wear one of our "community leotards" (gross, right?) during that rehearsal or class. 


Attendance is very important for both class and rehearsals. Each student is permitted 4 absences per rehearsal period (Sept-Nov/Dec, Jan-May). Upon your 5th absence, you are giving us permission to replace you. For those over 10 minutes late for class, please wait at the side of the room until invited into class by the teacher. 


All participants are required to fund-raise a yet-to-be-determined amount. Fortunately, our fundraisers are insanely fun and never involve selling anything door to door. We have adults in our casts - we don't treat you like a girl scout. 


All instructors will be reference checked to ensure regular church attendance and valid, current health insurance.