Royal Stage

Creative Community in Christ

Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.



These are commonly asked questions or situations that come along while in Royal Stage and we wanted to inform potential, new and or current participants for what to do.

Q:How do I, student or parent of student, register for classes?

A: For registration, everything is done online. Click the "classes" link to register.

Q:How does a student or parent of a student pay for classes?

A: We accept cash, check, online payment and credit card

Cash: There's a payment box on the front table of studio A. Grab an envelope, write down on the outside of the envelope the following

  • First and last name of student Ex. John Smith
  • Which classes are being paid for Ex. Adult Hip Hop and Foundational Ballet
  • How many classes are being paid for Ex. 4 classes; 2 weeks worth
  • How much is in envelope Ex. $36

Check: Payable to "Royal Stage Christian Preforming Arts" Then follow "Cash" step above

Online payment: 

Credit Card: Each of our teachers have the Square app on their phones to accept the credit card. 

Further questions about paying for classes, please contact Tammy Warta.

Q:What's the refund policy?

A:Monthly payment aren't refundable. 

If a student purchases from a third party offer. refunds must be handles with the third party. 

Q:Is there scholarship offered at Royal Stage? If so, How does someone apply for them?

A: Yes, Royal Stage offers scholarships. Please send an email to Tammy Warta at

Q:How do, Royal Stage, ensure the safety between students and staff?

A:As a standard for our employment, all teachers go through a background check and must have work experience with the age group. Upon request, we welcome parents to observe and see for themselves that environment that student and staff will be working in.

Q:When are performances for the classes?

A:Depending on the age and class, we have each class preform at different performances.

  • Children (5-18 years old) production is every November
  • Teen/Adult (12+ years old) production in the Spring
  • All studio classes production is in May
  • Plus more opportunities throughout the year

Each is subject to change with notice.

Q:Do students need a costume for their performance?

A:Its up to the teacher's digression. If the teacher's wants to have a costume, the cost will be a maximum of $30. Scholarships are available if needed. Scroll up for information about the scholarships. Contact teacher directly if you have questions about the costumes.

Q:What's the studio classes schedule through the holidays

A:As a general timeframe, we run out schedule like some schools. We have a fall session and a spring session.

As of right now, Fall 2016 season, we offer them starting on August 22nd through May 19th.

There will be no classes during the following

  • Week of Thanksgiving
  • December 19th-Jan 2nd
  • Week of Easter

Any other holiday, is up to the teacher's choice. Please contact the teacher directly. Contact info is in this link

Q: What's the dress code?