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Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


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Upcoming Dates To Remember

January 3, 2017 -  Classes Resume 

February 11 - Studio Valentine's Brunch & Fellowship (10am-1pm) 

March 18 - Parent/Child Royal Ball

April 16 - Studio Easter Potluck & Fellowship (2pm-4pm) 

April 13-16 - NO CLASSES - Happy Easter!

April 29 - Royal Stage "Cram Session" Building Fund Kickoff - 10am-2pm

May 20 - Spring Showcase Dress Rehearsal - 7951 Antelope Rd Citrus Heights - only participants permitted in performance room except for performers aged 5 and under. 

May 21** - Spring Showcase Cast A - call time 1pm, showtime 2pm.  Spring Showcase Cast B - call time 4pm, showtime 5pm

May 22-28 -  Final week of classes/Proficiency testing for all classes except pre-dance. 

May 29-June 18 - Studio Closed

June 10 - Summer Kick Off Party - 10am-1pm

June 19-22 - Summer Camp Session 1, M-Th, 10am-2pm,  Summer classes begin

June 26-29 - Summer Camp Session 2, M-Th, 10am-2pm

July 1-4 - No classes

July 10-13 - Summer Camp Session 3, M-Th, 10am-2pm

July 17-20 - Summer Camp Session 4, M-Th, 10am-2pm

July 22 -23 Summer Glow Camp Overnight, 6pm-10am

July 27-30 - Staff & Leadership Retreat (Thurs evening - Sun morning)

August 1-6 - Last week of summer classes

August 7-19 - Studio closed

August 20 -  Season Kick Off Party (2pm-6pm), Children's Musical auditions (6pm-7:30pm) 

August 21 - Fall Classes Begin 

September 2-4 - No classes

October 31 - No class

Nov 20-26 - No classes

December 2 - Christmas Carnival

December 11-16 - Final week of classes


**Spring Showcase Cast A:  Pre-Ballet/Tap (Mon 3pm), Children's Puppetry, Children's Ballet I (Sat 10:30), Children's Ballet II (Mon 4:30pm), Children's Hip Hop (Tues 6pm), Teen/Adult Hip Hop, Pre-Ballet (Sat 9am), Children's Musical Theatre, Youth Contemporary, Adult Contemporary, Hip Hop team, Teen/Adult Tap, Ballet I/II (all teen/adult sections), Adult Contemporary, Children's Tap/Jazz I. 

Spring Showcase Cast B: Children's Ballet I (Mon 3:30), Children's Ballet II (Mon 4:30), Children's Tap/Jazz II, Children's Hip Hop (Mon 6pm), Teen/Adult Hip Hop, Pre ballet/tap (Tues 3pm), Children's Musical Theatre, Youth Contemporary, Adult Contemporary, Parent/Tot Hip Hop, Hip Hop Team, Teen/Adult Tap, Ballet I/II.