Royal Stage

Perform with Purpose

Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


Royal stage's

staff, leadership team, & executive board

Ms. Andrea - Bold biblical ballerina, anointed artist and prayer warrior!  

What she teaches: preschool & children's ballet


Mr. Kyle - Long-suffering lone male staff member, breakdancing machine! 

What he teaches: hip hop 

Ms. Laura - mischievous ginger, winning wit.

What she teaches: ballet and contemporary

Ms. Sam - bay area import, future psychologist, current awesome sauce. 

What she teaches:  preschool tap/ballet and kids tap/jazz

Ms. Madyson - super singer, Disney connoisseur,  broadway baby.  

What she teaches: musical theatre

Ms Carolyn - ever-faithful encourager, top notch ballerina

What she teaches: teen/adult ballet


Ms Amber - creative powerhouse, weekend adventurer, magnificent mama. 

What she teaches: musical theatre 

Ms Tammy - boss lady, artistic(ish) director, sushi obsessed. 

What she does: studio owner

Mandy - Organizational queen that makes OCD look adorable.

What she does: Custodial & building supervisor. 


Leadership Team: Leanna Robertson, Christina Harris, Nina Donnel, Samantha Bell, Monica Villazana, Tammy Warta, Andrea Johnson

Executive Board of Directors:  David & Trina Forsberg, Tammy Walker, Randall McCarley