Royal Stage

Perform with Purpose

Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


Summer camps & Workshops

June 18-21, 10am-2pm, ages 5-13                At our Hawaiian Hullabaoo camp, kids entering 1st through 8th grade will experience Hawaiian themed dance, theater & art,  play island-inspired games and cap off the week with a mini luau! 

June 25-28, 10am-2pm, ages 5-13  At our Instacamp, kids entering 1st through 8th grade will pick their "emoji identity" for the week, experience lively dance & theater classes, as well as a photo treasure hunt with prizes, and the completion of their own "through my eyes" souvenir photo album. 




July 9-12, 10am-2pm, ages 5-13                        It's Christmas for four straight days in July! Kids will create a summer/Christmas art mashup, decorate Christmas cookies, learn a dance and a mixed up season theater activity.     

June 23, 1-5pm, all ages  Aspiring Jedis will make their own light sabers and learn basic fencing technique to properly fight the Force.        

June 18-21, 5pm-9pm, ages 8-13                    July 23-26, 5pm-9pm , ages 8-13                   At this special night time camp, kids entering 3rd through 8th grade will experience glow in the dark art, prize hunt, games, and theater games - and most importantly how to shine their own special light through dark situations. 

July 23-26, 10am-2pm, ages 5-13                       At this 4-day camp, kids entering 1st through 8th grade will explore their emotions and learn respect for others through art, dance, and theater.  

July 16-19, 10am-2pm, ages 5-13                    It's a sweet summer at the studio with this dance, theater and art camp themed after classic board games. Campers will walk through our own life sized Candyland and Monopoly boards, create whimsical art projects, learn a ballet-worship dance and a musical theater routine. 

July 29, 1-5pm, ages 25+                                    Camp isn't just for kids anymore! At this special adults-only day camp, we will learn a basic dance, participate in an art project, theater techniques, and experience a few surprises! 

July 28, 1-5pm, all ages               Have a swashbuckling good time learning basic fencing and martial arts skills while also creating a pirate themed art project. 

June 24, 1-5pm, ages 10-adult                           This workshop is for mature students ready to jump into the world of improvisation and comedic theater.