Royal Stage

Creative Community in Christ

Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


Cinderella auditions are January 7! Please register under “classes and camps” in the appropriate age range to secure your audition slot. Scroll down for further information on our audition/performance process.


the fun and messy dance theater life.

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." Eph 2:10 

We know that disappointment can be very painful for children and adults alike. How a person reacts to disappointment is a tremendous test of character. Please know that the artistic teams have your best interest  in mind and that casting is equally hard for the artistic team members. If you are faced with unhappiness  with the results of the audition process, please use the tools below.

Casting is a difficult process, with many different factors at play. What may seem very black and white to you, may not have been to those making the decisions.

  • It isn’t personal. It may feel that way, but directors are concerned with putting together the best cast as a whole. You shouldn’t have any reason to think it is personal. Sometimes a role selection comes down to something as trivial as a height requirement or an individual's availability.

  • Think of every audition and show as an opportunity. No one part is the end of anything and there will a lot more parts and auditions if you choose to audition again. We are all growing and getting better at what we do every day, even adults.

  • A role may not always be what it seems upon first impression. Read the script. Find the fun little nuggets within a role that has been chosen for you and only you! We promise that every spot on stage has something (often many things!)

The hard part about theatre is that it is never fair. You can get a small part from the best audition in your life or a big part from one that you felt was terrible. It is not possible for you to know what the Artistic Team is looking for or how the show will come together. If you have a child and  find that the audition and casting process is too hard, it might be time to have a serious talk about theatre as an activity for your child. Some children especially are more sensitive and the casting process, no matter the preparation, might remain too much. 

Auditions & Participation Requirements

Season auditions are held every August. To be considered for a main role, there are no exceptions to the set audition date, which is announced two months prior on this website. If you are viewing this during other times of year, please contact us directly to get involved. We conduct private and small group auditions year round. 

Joining Royal Stage is easy, fun and affordable. However, there are ways you can prepare for auditions and rehearsals.

Audition Requirements

  • All auditioning must fall within the age parameters 2 months prior to scheduled performance date.

  • Actors – come prepared with a monologue or skit.

  • Singers – come prepared with a song WITH AN ACCOMPANIMENT TRACK. We cannot accommodate sheet music at this time.

  • Should you accept a role, we ask you to make an $150 registration donation to help cover costuming and production costs. This fee is all-inclusive for one portion of the season (Aug-Dec, Jan- April, June-July).

  • You must be a bible-believing Christian actively plugged into a church, bible study or other Christian fellowship, EXCEPT for children's productions.

  • During winter rehearsals, please use the “buddy system” when leaving the studio, and parents of young dancers are highly encouraged to meet them at the studio door.

Rehearsal Expectations

  • Humble, willing and kind attitudes.

  • Attendance is KEY. Cast members are permitted to miss no more than 3 rehearsals at any point in the season portion - no exceptions.

  • Be prepared to practice on your own with dances, line memorization and songs.

  • Please come to each rehearsal with a bible verse or testimony to share.

  • We ask that each participant help with fundraising. There are 4 fundraising options each year, which will be presented at auditions. If you do not wish to fundraise, there is a "buyout" registration option of $345.

Dress Code

  • All female students and cast members are required to wear a tank leotard to every rehearsal. You can purchase this in whatever color you’d like, but for performances it must be nude, tan or black. You may order them through Royal Stage for $12.00, or on your own here. Similar leotards are acceptable for rehearsal, but must be the tank style.

  • No jeans, strapless tops or skirts are ever permitted during dance rehearsals. Spaghetti strap tops are only allowed when over a leotard.

  • Dancers may rehearse in ballet or jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, half soles, foot paws or in bare feet. For performances, your choreographer will specify the footwear they prefer. If you choose to dance barefoot, and your choreographer feels it is hindering your performance, you may be asked to wear footwear.

  • Hair must be pulled back out of your face during ALL types of rehearsals.