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Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


Alice in wonderland 2017

We must be all mad here, because we're about to bring Alice back to the stage for a second time! Even better, we are casting for both a children's and teen/adult production, so the entire family can share the stage this November. 


Monday, August 21   - 4:45pm for ages 5-13,  6pm for ages 12+ 

What to Prepare

Please bring a song on CD or on your phone that is 2 minutes long. The song MAY NOT have vocals, so please look for a karaoke track. 

Come dressed comfortably and ready to read sides from the script. Please also bring a calendar to note any scheduling conflicts on your audition sheet. 

Cost & Commitment

There is a $150 participation fee for Alice in Wonderland. Scholarships are available. 

Rehearsals will be Monday & Tuesday at 4:45 (kids) and 6pm (adults), as well as some Saturdays (all). You will not have to be at every rehearsal, and a breakdown of the scenes by character will be provided at auditions with a schedule of when we will need you. 

We also ask each cast member to help with fundraising - this involves selling 15 tickets to the show. 

Anything else? 

Relax and have fun! We have a warm, safe theatrical environment and we are excited to have you participate! 

You may register for auditions here.