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Royal Stage is a non-denominational Christian arts ministry,  committed to raising up godly artists, while also striving to reach the unbelieving community both locally and abroad.


Alice in wonderland 2017

Congratulations to ALL of the incredible actors & singers who auditioned for our Alice in Wonderland casts! The directors agree that casting both the children's cast and adult cast was incredibly difficult. 

Please remember, not everyone can be a lead role, but we commit to our standard of 1) accepting all who audition and 2) ensuring that everyone is "seen three times" on stage. 

Finally, Alice is a kooky show. Which means we all will be flying our freak flags together! You'll bond over your wacky costumes and joy-filled rehearsal times. Remember, we are ALL an essential part of the body of Christ (and of our Alice casts!) 

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Relax and have fun! We have a warm, safe theatrical environment and we are excited to have you participate! 


Alice in Wonderland Teen/Adult Cast

To be announced by Monday, August 28. 


Alice in Wonderland Children's Cast

Want to learn more about your character? CLICK HERE. 

Abby Brooks   -  Canary, Hedgehog 

Austin Clingan -  Knave of Hearts (Cast A), Lory (Cast A & B), King of Hearts (Cast B) 

Briana Church - Lorna, Five Card 

Caleb Tache - King of Hearts (Cast A), Wonderland Singer

Cody Brooks - White Rabbit

Ethan Hayes - Frog Footman, Jack Card 

Gillian Osterberg - The Duchess 

Isabella Villazana - Cheshire Cat 

Jenna Tiger - Caterpillar, Wonderland Singer

Julia Hayes - Alice 

Keilani Quayle - March Hare,  Wonderland Singer

Lulu Inton - Duck, Hedgehog, Wonderland Singer 

Olivia Ballestero - Dodo, Cook 

Melissa Vogel - Lewis Carroll 

Mia Sepe - Tweedle Dee, Servant 1, Wonderland Singer

Malaya Jones - Tweedle Dum, Servant 2,  Wonderland Singer

Sarah Hayes - Mouse - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH DORMOUSE (Cast A & B), Knave of Hearts (Cast B), Wonderland Singer

Sam Warta - Mad Hatter, Wonderland Singer

Charlotte Warta - Little Alice, Hedgehog 

Rilee Sepulveda - Executioner, Fish Footman , Wonderland Singer

Lucy Hale - Queen of Hearts, Miss Prickett, Wonderland Singer 

Jenna Hale - Katherine, Two Card 

Kendyl Romero - Margaret, Seven Card 

Judith Ford - Dormouse - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MOUSE, Eaglet, Wonderland Singer