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Matilda the Musical

Participation cost: $150 Limited scholarships available upon request


    This was an impossible show to cast, as we had so many talented people audition! Please know that from the smallest role to the largest, you are all wanted and needed for this production! The ensemble of Matilda is one of the busiest ones found in most musicals - our ensemble must be ready to work hard and commit to shining onstage - as well as deciding whether you would like to perform in two special “mini performances” listed on our rehearsal schedule.

    For main cast, some roles have been double cast. Those with the “O” next to their name are our opening cast, and those with a “C” are our closing cast. In the shows you are not playing your character, you have the option to be in ensemble or take those days off - however, that decision must be made by first rehearsal on May 30.

    Again, thank you to all who auditioned - we wish we could’ve given everyone their dream role....but if auditions and callbacks were any indication, this is going to be a very fun ride for all!

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Matilda Wormwood - Abigail Dunwald (O), Hannah Watts (C)

Agatha Trunchbull - Nigel Vistica

Miss Honey - Becki Gibson (O), Cecily Kerns (C)

Mr. Wormwood - Clayton Martin

Mrs. Wormwood - Michelle Kerns (O), Amanda Vistica (C)

Michael Wormwood - D’Anthony Ledet (O)

Mrs. Phelps - Jackie MacKusick (O), Christy Osterberg (C)

Bruce Bogtrotter (actor, secondary vocals) - Mikey Rund

Lavender - Sarah Hayes (O), Francesca Hennager (C)

The Escapologist/Party Entertainer - Daniel Masinter

The Acrobat - Audrey Kerns

Cook - Naomi Hogan

Sergei - Rebekah Jacobs

Henchmen - Jenna Hale, Lucy Hale

Henchwoman - Mia Sepe

Doctor/Rudolpho  - Spencer Gayden

Amanda - Ava Dyer

Nigel (Bruce vocals for Revolting Children) -  Sam Warta

Taylor - Mariah Kirton

Eric  - Evan Seymour

Alice - Jaina Martin

Hortensia - Judith Ford

Tommy - Brian MacKusiak

Betty - Julia Hayes

Tamika - Thessaly Villanueva

Ryan - John Conner

Children’s Ensemble: Prosperity Ledet, Judith Ford, Alycia Gannon, Brian MacKusick, Jena Williams, Taylor Aldrich, Jenna Hale, Aubrie Darnell, Julia Rund, Leia Solano, Ella Gibson, Danica Bowlden, Kara McCarthy, Eleanor Bowlden, Gabriel Wagner, Ellie Rockwell

Youth Ensemble: Rebekah Jacobs, Gillian Osterberg, Naomi Hogan, Ava Dyer, Julia Hayes, Jaina Martin, Lucy Hale, Sophie Kerns, Thessaly Villanueva, Caroline Gibson, Mia Sepe, Evan Seymour, Annalise Seymour, Arianna Walker, Mariah Kirton

Adult Ensemble: Audrey Kerns, Daniel Masinter, Christy Osterberg, Kyro Willick, John Conner, Jackie MacKusick, Spencer Gayden, Naomi Hogan

Pre-Show Warm Up Actors Opening Cast: Judith Ford, Jenna Hale, Gillian Osterberg, Mia Sepe, Lucy Hale, Mariah Kirton, Thessaly Villanueva, Cecily Kerns

Pre-Show Warm Up Actors Closing Cast: Sarah Hayes, Julia Hayes, Ava Dyer, D’Anthony Ledet, John Conner, Audrey Kerns, Rebekah Jacobs, Naomi Hogan

Click here for rehearsal schedule